Purpose & Vision

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek


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Foundations of Leadership
The Trusted Leader
Managing Performance

Influencing Remotely
Communicating with Impact
Negotiation Skills
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Why is ‘why’ important? Because “why” is about purpose and finding meaning in work. The neuroscience is simple – finding the why engages individuals at an emotional level with their work, making it more fulfilling and satisfying for them and also making organisations more successful.

Our experience is that creating and realising a single jointly owned purpose and vision is the organisational glue that bonds teams and organisations together, moving functions out of “silos” and building cross functional collaborative working to create high performance organisations.

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s work, this workshop is designed for team, departments and organisations to create a bigger sense of “WHY” or purpose both individual and organisational. Once the bigger why is clear, it is easy to articulate the “HOW” or vision, to create a clear picture of desired end results and develop the “WHAT” – strategies and actions to make it happen.

This workshop will help teams and organisations to:

  • Jointly create a resonant and meaningful purpose and vision
  • Understand, articulate and confidently advocate purpose, vision and added value
  • Engage ownership, motivation and accountability to deliver it
  • Identify, articulate and activate every day behaviours consistent with purpose and vision
  • Increase team trust, communications, confidence and credibility
  • Promote consistency, alignment and efficiency of operational delivery

Top level executives often spend hours crafting vision statements only to find that once communicated, the words get lost in translation, without resonance or meaning on the ground. The highly interactive and practical nature of In8 Resources workshops means that participants’ get an opportunity to “do to” the purpose and vision of the organisation instead of having it “done to” them, they have internalised key purpose and vision messages and associated behaviours in alignment with their day to day activities, engaging ownership and accountability.

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