Facilitation & Training

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Chinese proverb


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Foundations of Leadership
The Trusted Leader
Managing Performance

Influencing Remotely
Communicating with Impact
Negotiation Skills
Presentation Skills

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Gayl has the ability to work with you to create a program that will engage with a team, open up a topic and then facilitate that in a team coaching environment. She guides the team through a process of understanding and enables them to see the challenge that they are trying to address. This is done in a challenging but open way and then enables the team to draw out the conclusions themselves. Very creative, very pragmatic and delivers.

Martin Beaver, Head of IT, Bayer plc


About our Facilitation and Training

In the global village we live in, our experience is that often the pace of life and the very technology intended to connect us leads to more fragmented and silo working. To reach the highest levels of performance in an organisation, it is essential to build and maintain strong, resourceful and truly collaborative teams.

Our workshops are designed to help leaders and organisations to bring out the very best in everyone, to connect and harvest the collective intelligence and energy of teams and organisations, engaging each individual to bring out the best of thinking, ideas and creativity.

Using accelerating learning and facilitation techniques, NLP and neuroscience, we aim to create a development experience which is highly interactive, fun and sustainable allowing participants to internalise learning, take ownership and immediately apply it practically in the workplace.

We can shape learning interventions to meet your needs, so our range is flexible.

Our own experience of working in corporate organisations means that we are very sceptical about companies who offer a one size fits all or sheep dip approach. At In8 Resources, we spend the time getting to know you and your needs before suggesting anything to you. Sound like a different and interesting approach? Find out more about our In8 Discovery Process.

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