What to Expect

“What we think, we become.”



“Gayl skilfully helped me to increase self-awareness, drawing out my strengths and weaknesses and helping me to develop and focus on goals and strategies for personal and professional improvement and success. Gayl’s coaching was very often challenging, but always useful and worthwhile for its successful and sustainable outcomes.”

Steve Painter, Owner at Painter Public Relations (formerly Head of Bayer Corporate Communications)

Our philosophy is very much one of partnership. We believe you are the expert on your own life and work: our job is to help you navigate your way to becoming your most successful, best and resourceful self.

You will get to know yourself better, taking you to a much deeper understanding of the different aspects of your personality; how you think, feel and experience the world; what works and doesn’t work for you; the beliefs that both help and limit you.

Control your own destiny

When you have more self-awareness, you immediately have more choice – the key to developing behavioural agility and sustainable strategies to succeed.

Instead of being a small dinghy buffeted and blown in every direction by the winds and storms, suddenly you are in control of your destiny. At the helm of your own sturdy ship, you know what direction to take, how to read the conditions, when to go at full speed or slow down, when to drop anchor … and always moving with purpose.

Once you start the journey of nurturing and developing yourself, it continues for the rest of your life.

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