Private Coaching

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Most of us are in the slipstream of the 21st century, continuously juggling a busy schedule at work and at home, running on auto-pilot simply to keep status quo and on top of an ever growing to do list.

Many of our clients start their coaching journey with a nagging sense that “something” could be better, even though the “something” isn’t always clear, that the experience of life could be somehow more satisfying, fulfilling and happier.

This sense can create a tension which is like an undercurrent flowing against the main stream of our lives. It steals energy and deprives us of our connection to what is inside all of us innately, a sense of congruence and inner peace, often leaving in its’ place depletion, stress and anxiety.

When our feet are not touching the ground, it is often difficult to see the bigger picture, to be able to hear and create our own story. This is simply too much going on, too much to see and hear to be able to be able to stand back and make sense of it all.

What is coaching?

Coaching provides a unique opportunity to stop and take stock of ourselves, our lives and our direction, to find and follow what drives our hearts and souls so that we can really live our lives to the full, without any regrets, harvesting the every experience of life as an enriching learning opportunity that informs our journey.

A coach acts as a trusted partner and confidential sounding board which helps individuals to focus on the bigger picture, to identify what is really important, to have a clear sense of what they want and to develop the resources and strategies to get there.

It is an empowering journey that increases self awareness and self confidence, identifying ways of thinking, habits, behaviours and beliefs that both help and limit success so that clients can achieve sustainable results.

For more details please see our coaching overview.

What are the benefits of coaching?

We often get feedback the impact of coaching goes well beyond the scope of the programme outcomes, holistically rippling out into all parts of the client’s lives, work, their families and friend. Here are a few examples below of areas where clients have achieved results:

  • A clear sense of purpose, direction and priorities in life and work
  • Work life balance, managing stress and anxiety
  • Getting more mojo and enjoyment from life
  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships and connection with others
  • Embracing personal change and transition
  • Confidence and emotional resilience
  • Better health and well being
  • Quality of experience of being here and being alive

One of our clients tells it better than we can….

“Coaching has challenged my preconceptions, encouraging me to discover their basis and given me the opportunity to confirm or reject my perception of ‘what is true/right’. As new perspectives were introduced to me I felt myself changing, almost spiritually. Ultimately I would conclude that being coached is a fulfilling experience and if you were to pass up the opportunity you would be denying yourself an opportunity to enrich your life and the life of those you interact with.”

Richard Owen, Global Sourcing Manager, Bayer plc


A typical private coaching programme

Chemistry Meeting

Before a coaching assignment is initiated, we arrange a free chemistry meeting to ensure that the client is a good fit for the coaching process and equally, that the coach is a good fit for the client.

Step 1 – Intake Session

The coach will meet the client on a one to one basis. This is a “get to know you” session to explore who the client is in terms of what is really important to them, their values, motivations, beliefs and any challenges they may face. The coach and client will agree how to operate together to get the best results from the programme, set coaching outcomes and measures together.

Step 2 – Developing Self Awareness

Psychometric profiling using the Birkman Method® which opens self awareness, identifying the client’s everyday interpersonal style and providing unique insights into underlying motivations and needs and the stress behaviours that may arise when these needs are not met. In addition to one to one feedback, clients will receive a written report which forms a great basis for personal development.

Step 3 – Coaching Programme

Regular one to one coaching in person held on a monthly basis, usually one and a half hours each, a month apart, supported by assignments as appropriate for the client. More frequent shorter sessions are also available. Duration is normally for six months, however exact length of programme, frequency and length of sessions will be agreed at the intake session.

Sessions may be carried out face to face or by telephone or a combination of both. In addition, the number, duration and location of sessions may be varied to suit the wishes of the client.

Full telephone and email support will be provided during the programme.

Step 4 – Completion

A review of progress against goals, insights, learning and strategies that have evolved; Development planning – next steps and sustaining changes once the programme is finished.

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