Team & Group Coaching

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller


Team and group coaching are catalysts for developing individuals and leaders throughout the whole organisation. Many organisations focus resources on providing coaching for a small number of leaders who as a result flex into a more coaching style as part of their leadership repertoire. Asking open questions, actively listening and eliciting others ideas and thoughts start to become second nature to them as they personally experience the benefits of a coaching approach. Independent thinking, increased personal accountability and responsibility become part of the everyday life for the teams they manage.

Group and team coaching is an extremely cost effective way to significantly extend the impact of coaching. As more employees experience a coaching approach, the skills migrate to peer to peer relationships further reinforcing new behaviours. The effect is like a pebble being thrown into a pond, the ripples can be felt throughout the whole organisation, laying the foundations for a coaching culture to develop and thrive.

Guided by the same techniques, competencies and ethics with as individual coaching, team and group coaching are self directed development activities which focus on achieving desired results through a process of questioning, reflection and increased personal awareness.

What is the difference between team and group coaching?

Team coaching is primarily aimed at teams who are or will be working together on common goals in the long term, they have to achieve results together to be successful.

Group coaching is for individuals who are temporarily drawn together for a specific purpose – for example – to consolidate learning from and development activity, to work together on a project or to provide a forum for a common interest group. Groups may be cross functional and/or geographically disparate.

What are the benefits of coaching?

We often get feedback the impact of coaching goes well beyond the scope of the programme outcomes, holistically rippling out into all parts of the client’s lives, work, their families and friend. Here are a few examples below of areas where clients have achieved results:

  • A clear sense of purpose, direction and priorities in life and work
  • Work life balance, managing stress and anxiety
  • Getting more mojo and enjoyment from life
  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships and connection with others
  • Embracing personal change and transition
  • Confidence and emotional resilience
  • Better health and well being
  • Quality of experience of being here and being alive

One of our clients tells it better than we can….

“Coaching has challenged my preconceptions, encouraging me to discover their basis and given me the opportunity to confirm or reject my perception of ‘what is true/right’. As new perspectives were introduced to me I felt myself changing, almost spiritually. Ultimately I would conclude that being coached is a fulfilling experience and if you were to pass up the opportunity you would be denying yourself an opportunity to enrich your life and the life of those you interact with.”

Richard Owen, Global Sourcing Manager, Bayer plc

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