Team Coaching

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.”

Henry Ford


“Gayl has the ability to work with you to create a program that will engage with a team, open up a topic and then facilitate that in a team coaching environment. She guides the team through a process of understanding and enables them to see the challenge that they are trying to address. This is done in a challenging but open way and then enables the team to draw out the conclusions themselves. Very creative, very pragmatic and delivers.”

Martin Beaver, Head of IT, Bayer plc

In a globally connected world, working in teams is now paramount to business success. The need to collaborate effectively; to harvest collective energy and intelligence to deliver results has never been greater. Most of us will have experienced being part of a high performance team at some point – that feeling of riding buoyant current of motivation and energy, feeling supported, a sense of belonging and acceptance. The experience is of fun, ease and excitement even in the face of challenge. High performance teams work as one and are characterised by high levels of mutual trust, emotional resilience, innovation, creativity and strategic thinking. They can offer each other feedback easily and feel mutually accountable for delivering team results.

But how common place is that feeling? The reality is that most teams in corporate life are not really like that, are they? Teams often feel more like a group of disparate individuals who talk to their manager more often than to their team mates. Objectives and incentives mostly reward individual effort and encourage competition; the impact of virtual technology designed to create easier communications is to reduce real human interaction all of which can lead to create a silo mentality, team fragmentation and disconnection.

What is team coaching?

Team coaching acts like glue that bonds a team together, uniting teams towards a common purpose and goals, co-creating shared values and behaviour that deliver and sustain success.
Once a strong foundation of trust, clear team values and operating principles are established, collaboration becomes second nature irrespective of geography and mode of interaction.
Team coaching is guided by the same techniques, competencies and ethics with as individual coaching. A self directed development activity, it focuses on achieving desired results through a process of questioning, reflection and increased personal awareness. It identifies team blockages and co-generates solutions to overcome them, developing joint action plans and delivery of operational objectives. The outputs are the result of collective thinking which generates resounding engagement, joint ownership and accountability, as well as enduring team relationships built on mutual trust, respect and equality.

Who is team coaching for?

  • Any team that works together on an ongoing basis to achieve joint common aims and goals
  • Teams that need to find future direction and achieve greater alignment
  • Teams that are struggling with effective collaboration, communication and joint accountability
  • Teamwork, collaboration and cross functional working
  • Teams that are operating at a level of superficial harmony but not resolving real issues and/or delivering results
  • Where dysfunctional team dynamics or conflict is interfering with operational effectiveness

What are the benefits of team coaching?

Benefits will vary from client to client but include:

  • A united and co-created team purpose and future direction that the whole team jointly own
  • Improved team trust and communications, team dynamics and behaviours
  • Increased team morale, motivation and engagement
  • Increased cross functional collaboration, breaking down silo’s and barriers
  • Increased ability to have open and honest conversations, offer and receive feedback freely
  • Clear sense of mutual accountability and responsibility for delivering results as a team
  • Increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction scores
  • Increase in sales and bottom line results

Typical team coaching programmes with In8 Resources

  1. Starting with the In8 Discovery Process, we will work with the Executive Leader to agree desired outcomes, participants, process, roles and responsibilities.
  2. Interviews with team members to co-sense the existing team environment, priorities, providing a “mirror” to prevailing team dynamics.
  3. Kick Off Team Event – to co-create the team coaching agenda, co-vision the desired future and plan team development.
  4. Team Coaching Sessions – a series of session following the agreed agenda, addressing each team’s specific priorities and chosen topics.
  5. Final completion session to harvest collective learning and insights, to create plans to ensure ongoing team cohesion and development.

Clients describe our approach as democratic, holistic and systemic using a range of coaching approaches that fit with our client’s specific environment and needs, please see our testimonials overleaf.
Our work is designed to create deep, democratic, engaging and enduring team relationships, and to leave a transportable blue print for leaders that can be used when new team members join or with new teams.

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