One-Off Laser Coaching

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

Alexander Graham Bell


What is laser coaching?

Laser coaching is a one off or a defined short number of sessions designed to “hit the spot” on a specific area of challenge or interest. It provides a confidential space to work in a highly focussed way on specific in the moment problems.

Guided by the fundamental principles of coaching, laser coaching uses the same techniques, competencies and ethics as individual coaching. This is summarised well by Timothy Gallwey, Author of “The Inner Game of Work” below:

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

As the client, you are very much in the driving seat and our incisive coaching questions will help you to cut to the chase, identify and apply the best fit approach.

Who is laser coaching for?

Any individual, leader or manager with an issue that needs a quick, practical solution and would benefit from a confidential and objective sounding board. who will ask questions, challenge and support to find their own solutions.

What are the benefits of laser coaching?

  • Provides immediate on the spot coaching support to deal with challenges in the moment
  • Provides an invaluable external and objective perspective on organisational and personal issues
  • Cost efficient way of providing coaching to more employees
  • Helps to build the foundations for a coaching style of leadership and wider culture
  • Aids leadership and management development

What can I expect from laser coaching?

At the start of the session, getting clarity on the session outcomes is paramount. So, expect to define what you want to achieve from the session(s) and be asked lots of questions. Your coach will be a trusted partner, a fresh pair of eyes and ears, a confidential sounding board for you to bounce and share ideas and solutions. This will enable you to hone your thinking, finding new perspectives and solutions.
Laser coaching may be one session or up to four sessions depending on the issue being presented, the duration will be agreed upfront with sponsor and client.

The laser coaching process

Laser coaching may take place on the phone or face to face depending on client needs and preferences.

We like John Whitmore’s GROW model below as a guiding framework for laser coaching, but this will be infused and enriched by a range of techniques which resonate in the moment. These techniques may include NLP, non verbal communications, neuroscience, transactional analysis, systemic constellations and others.


Preparation and top tips for coaching

In advance of the session(s), we will send some coaching questions designed to ensure clients do the thinking needed to be really well prepared. In addition, our top tips guidance will be sent to ensure that clients get the best value from each session.

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