Group Coaching

“Together we can face any challenges, as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.”

Sonia Ghandi


The positive impact of coaching on leaders and organisations is well evidenced. Group coaching is increasingly popular as it is a cost effective way of extending the impact of coaching beyond the C Suite Executive Team. It doesn’t replace the need for the impartial insights of an external professional coach but it does increase the positive impact of coaching, like a pebble being thrown into a pond, the ripples can be felt throughout the whole organisation and lay the foundations for a coaching culture to develop and thrive. 

What is group coaching?

It is a way of facilitating ongoing conversation using the same techniques, competencies and ethics as individual and team coaching. However, unlike teams, groups are a collection individuals who do not necessarily work together to achieve common aims on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, there can be huge benefit in sharing ideas, challenges and learning together.

Who is group coaching for?

There are many applications of group coaching, common examples are listed below:

  • Share leadership and management challenges, test ideas and thinking for solutions and issues
  • Create foundations for developing a coaching style of leadership and culture
  • Engender greater innovation, creativity and idea generation
  • Create ways for common interest groups in organisations to articulate positive ideas for change
  • Engage and involve employees in launching and managing new change, initiatives and projects
  • Increase collaboration and cross functional working
  • Embed and reinforce group learning following a development activity
  • Create opportunities for peer learning, support and co-coaching

What are the benefits of group coaching?

Benefits will vary from client to client but include:

  • Increases leadership capability, harvests collective intelligence to meet prevailing issues, enables mutual learning and sharing of best practice
  • Creates change resilience by overcoming the natural resistance to change and uncertainty
  • Increases cross functional collaboration by breaking down the silo mentality
  • Channels energy into creating positive ideas and solutions to issues raised by common interest groups e.g. female and new leaders, working parents
  • Leverages more value and return from development activities
  • Extends the impact of coaching further and wider, laying foundations for a coaching culture

Typical group coaching programmes with In8 Resources

Group Coaching can take place either in person or virtually and will be facilitated by experienced professional coaches skilled in creating open and engaging discussions, modelling coaching skills and practices.
The length and frequency of sessions will be agreed in partnership with clients at the outset using the In8 Discovery Process.

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