Career Coaching

“I’ve learned that  making a living is not the same as making a life.”

Maya Angelou


Are you at a natural transition point, seeking a new direction?

You have been in the same job for a long time and you feel tired and don’t get the same buzz or excitement you used to?

You just feel that your work is not a really who you are, you have a hunch deep down that you could be happier and more fulfilled doing something else.

You might be very good at what you do. However, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best path. However, choosing a career or making a career change can be a scary prospect. Inertia can sometimes seem an attractive option when you don’t really know where to start

Going through a Firework Careers Coaching Programme© will help you to find a career which is attuned to who you really are, what you really love to do, what makes you feel energised and motivated.

There are three key phases as follows:

  • Explore – here we will help you identify your purpose, what gives you a sense of meaning in life, your values, skills, interests and passions building a comprehensive picture of not just what you want in your work but also how this fits with the bigger picture what you want in your life.
  • Dream – together we will brainstorm ideas and look at all possibilities, giving the imagination full reign before focussing down on three main ideas with achievable pathways.
  • Discover – this is where it starts to feel real as you develop a compelling vision for the future with a roadmap and concrete actions to make it happen.

As part of the programme, you will also complete a Birkman© personality and careers profile receiving one to one feedback and a written report all of which provide unique insights into your strengths and true interests and motivations.

With extensive experience in Human Resources and Recruitment, Gayl is also highly equipped to help clients with smartening up CV’s, preparing for interviews, creating an awareness of winning language both verbal and non verbal, how and when to use it.

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