360 Degree Feedback

“Feedback is the breakfast of Champions.”

Ken Blanchard


It is always hard to see ourselves as other see us. 360 Feedback is a very powerful tool to understand how we are perceived, raise self-awareness and serves as a strong spur for personal development and behaviour change. It is a very good companion to support coaching, learning and development as it acts as a pair of “outer eyes” generating multiple perspectives of how others see you comparing this to how you see yourself.

What is 360 and how does it work?

360 is a survey of how others perceive you. Participants identify a range of people to offer feedback which is elicited using an on line survey questionnaire or alternatively via a series of telephone calls to key contacts by an independent coach.

Once a report is generated, your feedback is explored with a coach who will bring a completely confidential, balanced and objective perspective of the data, help you to interpret the results and build a development plan to take you forward.


What are the benefits of using a coach for 360 feedback?

Working with a coach helps to ensure that participants and organisations get the best value from the process.  A coach provides benefits that cannot be easily attained from within the company, in particular:

  • A completely independent and impartial view – objective sounding board
  • Confidentiality – issues can be explored in depth without any perceived vested interests, leading to greater honesty, openness and accountability.
  • A balanced perspective between strengths and development areas
  • Help with next steps and development planning – brainstorming ideas and options

What 360 survey methods are used?

Online Questionnaires – We partner with The Booth Company, a global assessment company with over 4 decades of experience, specializing in 360s and survey customization.

360 feedback assessments are based on the Task Cycle®, a validated theory of leadership and management roles.  The comprehensive set of assessments from The Booth Company measures the fundamental skills of mission-critical organizational roles. For more information please see www.boothco.com.

360 Feedback

In house 360 Surveys – Organisations often have their own 360 surveys based on behavioural frameworks relevant to them – we love to work with existing 360 surveys, understanding your organisation, behaviours valued and your survey.

Telephone 360 Surveys – Using a series of structured questions, we gather feedback confidentially and produce a written report, often alongside psychometric profiles. Interviewers probe answers given, often producing very deep insights and rich information.

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