“Gayl’s wide area expertise and deep understanding of the coaching process has provided me with a safe environment in which to grow as a professional, as well as a person.”

Global Sourcing Manager, Bayer plc


We are really proud and excited to work with a range of clients including large and medium sized corporate organisations, professional services firms and private individuals.

Our coaches and facilitators have a wealth of experience in a wide range of sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Oil, Healthcare, Energy, Retail, Software and IT Services, Financial Services, Telecoms, Consumer Electronics, NHS, Education, Entertainments, Building Services, Entertainment.


“I had the pleasure of working with Gayl during my Short Term Assignment in the UK being in a leadership position for the first time in my life. Gayl’s coaching has turned around my life. People around me tell me that I have a different energy, I am much more relaxed and positive. I have better relationships with my team, colleagues and better results in my job. I am just a new person today. The coaching received during the last three months has been the most valuable development measure during my 13 years at work. I cannot recommend Gayl highly enough as a Coach.”

Angela Bley, Material Management Lead, Bayer plc



“I thought you may appreciate some feedback: Whatever happened in your coaching session with Sue yesterday. Please could you bottle it as we all would benefit from a daily dose! Sue didn’t have a very good start to the year, but came back from her session invigorated and proactively getting through tasks. It was noticeable Sue gave some thought to her self development and that had a knock on effect to others, me included!”

Amanda McCarthy, Product Supply Manager, Bayer plc


“I had some very challenging situations and was feeling confused and paralysed. I was struggling to see how the future would get better. Through her trust and faith in me I was able to see more positive examples of where I had overcome difficult situations in the past and gradually increase my confidence and courage to face some difficult decisions. This was a real turning point for me and I feel blessed to have worked with Gayl at this time. I have worked with other coaches in both personal and professional context before and since and I still believe that this was one of the most powerful relationships I have had. I found Gayl sensitive, supportive and suitably challenging and I’m pleased to say that life is now looking very good!”

Alison Willis, Commercial Academy Director, BP Oil International Ltd


“I have no hesitation is recommending Gayl as a coach.  She really gets to know you and the goals you are trying to reach from a career and personal perspective.  She challenges you to think and look at the inner you drawing out all the needs that are not being met and gives confidence to build frameworks to achieve these goals.”

Department Head, Bayer plc


“Gayl is an energetic, smart and effective coach. Her sessions are both enjoyable and tiring helping you to learn about yourself and your team. I will definitely be contacting Gayl in the future and would thoroughly recommend her to others.”

Raoul Tiddy,VP, Symantec


“I have no hesitation is recommending Gayl as a coach.  She really gets to know you and the goals you are trying to reach from a career and personal perspective.  She challenges you to think and look at the inner you drawing out all the needs that are not being met and gives confidence to build frameworks to achieve these goals.”

Nicola Penfound, Bayer plc


“Coaching has been fulfilling and really positive. Gayl’s style is supportive, challenging and caring. Gayl has helped me to identify the real issues and find solutions myself.”

Manager, Bayer plc


“I whole-heartedly recommend Gayl as an excellent coach. She has a wonderful ability to bring clarity to any situation and create momentum for goal achievement. Skilfully and empathically, she provides an optimum balance of challenge and support. She champions people to be all that they can be.”

Martina Flavin Director, Ithaca Coaching & Training


“As an executive coach, Gayl skilfully helped me to increase self awareness, drawing out my strengths and weaknesses and helping me to develop and focus on goals and strategies for personal and professional improvement and success. Gayl’s coaching was very often challenging, but always useful and worthwhile for its successful and sustainable outcomes.”

Steve Painter, Painter Public Relations


“Gayl has worked for me on coaching assignments and has done a great job. Gayl takes time to fully understand what the underlying issues are and then she finds ways to overcome the problems. She knows her areas of expertise and is always thorough. Gayl has integrity and I trust her to do a good job.”

Gary Bothe, Head of HR, Bayer plc


“The coaching process seemed so straightforward, but the benefits were substantial! Would strongly recommend Gayl to anyone – at any point in their career – wanting to get the best out of their career by better understanding themselves.”

Tony Sawyer, Business Change Facilitator


“Not only does she have the gift of listening from the heart but also she prompts you gently yet firmly to acknowlege that which is standing in the way of you becoming your best version.

I most definitely recommend her, she is an amazing coach!”

Helen Acosta, Certified Executive and Life Coach


“I would have no hesitation in recommending  Gayl and her In8 Resources approach to friends and colleagues. Her personal warmth combined with her many years of direct HR work mean that she brings an insight and credible professionalism that is unbeatable.”

John Miller, Director, Integrity in Action Ltd, Consultancy, Interim Management, Training


“I would fully recommend coaching with Gayl. It will be challenging but it will also offer a trustful environment with lots of support and encouragement to identify your own solutions to achieve your objectives in business and personally. With Gayl’s expert coaching skills I have found the courage to come out of the dark, into the light, I can now see the road ahead more clearly and have found the confidence to take the steps  and walk ahead.”

Anonymous, Bayer Manager

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