David Loewy

David Loewy

Executive Coach

Dave has 40 years’ experience of working for major international organisations in the IT industry. For more the 10 years, he has partnered with the senior leaders of a global networking equipment manufacturer to drive sales excellence, achieve successful change and deliver results by developing the Technical, Sales and Leadership capabilities of their sales force.


Executive Coach

With his deep understanding of the personal and organisational challenges facing leaders and organisations, Dave is passionate about working with clients to inspire and grow the strengths of every individual so that they make a lasting and sustainable contribution to the success of the business. When working with sales teams, Dave is committed to helping them to understand their customers’ situations and challenges more fully, so that they can offer solutions that help their customers be more successful.

Dave is known for using a fun approach to encourage individuals, leaders and geographically dispersed teams to: think more creatively, improve their focus and direction; and increase their self-awareness. As a result, organisations develop the capabilities, motivation and resources to accelerate change strategies and bring lasting success.
Calling on an extensive range of approaches and concepts, Dave’s signature style is recognised by clients as “break-through”, using a blend of challenge, support and inspiration.

Experience And Background

Dave works with organisations to develop leaders, teams and high-performance individuals using a combination of workshops, executive coaching, facilitation and bespoke development. In this role, Dave helps leaders to: recognise opportunities; create high performing and aligned teams; lead change and manage people optimally to achieve and sustain success.

Before specialising in Learning and Development and becoming an executive coach, Dave worked as a senior pre-sales team manager for major global IT organisations. He worked with their global telecommunications clients and distributors to identify, plan and introduce new systems and service offerings and to train their technical staff. His in-depth understanding of the business and technical aspects of their organisations made him an effective partner, helping them to develop and plan long term strategies in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Prior to those roles, Dave worked as the IT Director in an international Consulting firm and as the Network Manager for a manufacturer supplying systems to the global military and civilian aviation industry.

Company Experience

Cisco, WSP, GM Hughes, Rediffusion, Allied Business Systems and BT.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Sales Skills Development
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Leading and Facilitating Virtual meetings and training
  • Influencing and Communications
  • Non Verbal Communications
  • Organisational Change
  • Story-telling
  • Facilitation
  • Effective Team Work