Bringing out the best in you.
Bringing out the best in everyone.

“We were all born with a certain degree of power. The key to success is discovering this innate power and using it daily to deal with whatever challenges come our way.”


In8 Resources will help you connect to your own innate wisdom to bring out the best in you, your team and your organisation.
Your inner strength is the richest source of energy and wisdom there is. Our transformational coaching and workshops unlock this power.

Most of our clients come to us with a nagging sense that “something” could be better, even though the “something” isn’t always clear. Deep down there is an underlying feeling that they are not achieving their best. Working with In8 Resources will help you and your organisation tune into the wavelength of that “something”, then tap into the innate resources you already have to achieve your true capacity for success.

A lot of our work helps you to re-source yourself. By that we mean getting in touch with your “source”, that inner part of yourself that already exists where you feel centred and grounded, the place you access the resources to face challenges and truly achieve your potential.

“Gayl is an energetic, smart and effective coach. Her sessions are both enjoyable and challenging, helping you to learn about yourself and your team. I would thoroughly recommend her to others.”

Raoul Tiddy, VP, Symantec


Bringing out the best in everyone has become critical to achieving competitive edge. Our democratic approach is based on the idea that everyone brings something vital to the organisation, but individual contribution can be compromised. In8 harnesses that potential and everyone benefits.

Individual results of working with In8 include:

  • Inspiring and authentic leadership, motivated and engaged teams
  • Developing reflective muscles, an ability to think and lead strategically
  • Rapid and effective transition to new and challenging roles
  • Clarity of personal and professional purpose and vision
  • New congruent and aligned career and life paths
  • Behavioural agility and adaptability
  • Higher level communication and influencing skills
  • Increased confidence and resilience

We’re here to help

Let us get under the bonnet to understand how your organisation ticks, where you are currently and where you want to get to and the development required to get there. Then we’ll tailor our workshops to fit the shape and needs of your specific needs.

“I would fully recommend coaching with Gayl. It will be challenging but it will also offer a trustful environment with lots of support and encouragement to identify your own solutions to achieve your objectives in business and personally. With Gayl’s expert coaching skills I have found the courage to come out of the dark, into the light, I can now see the road ahead more clearly and have found the confidence to take the steps  and walk ahead.”
Anonymous, Bayer Manager

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